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Responsibilities of a Data Analyst


Getting the Job Done Understanding what Data Analysts do and how they do it (their tools) will give you a clearer picture towards knowing how to become one. So what do Data Analysts do? They help organizations make data-driven decisions by collecting, organizing and mining relevant raw data from customer base data, historical stock price data, social media, financial trading data and other data sources stored in a digital format They use data to create reports, dashboards, KPIs and metrics to gain business insights in a way that non-techy persons can comprehend. They access potential business and organization’s scenarios by [...]

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Benefits of Becoming a Data Analyst


Data Analysis is for Everyone So you are considering building a career in Data Analytics? I think it’s about one of the best career decisions you can make in 2020. You know why? Being a data analyst allows you to help businesses and organization make better business and management decisions by collecting and organizing their data to spot trends, patterns and make future predictions. Data analytics professionals are in high demand as the margin of the ratio of available experts to industry needs is still wide and is expected to increase in coming years. Data analytic skill is a growing [...]

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Tools of A Data Analyst


Getting your hands dirty. As intriguing as the work role is of a data analyst, it requires a mastery of host of tools for the various functions. One good part of data analytics is that some of the tools are multi-functional. An example of such a tool is a programming language called python. It has gained prominence in the data analytic world because of its ability to function as both a statistical and programming tool. Its simplicity to learn, and its open-source nature. These features have made it the darling of beginners and expert data analysts. R is another great [...]

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