Project Description

DHIS2 (District Health Information System) is a Health Management Information system (HMIS) for data management and analytics purposes. It is currently used by over 60 countries as their National Health Information System (NHIS).

Learn how to use DHIS2 open-source, web-based platform for management, collection, validation, integration, and aggregation, analysis, dissemination and presentation of data. Apart from its data warehousing and visualization features, health data practitioners and policymakers enjoy using DHIS2 to analyze live data from real-time.

Our DHIS2 training course will help you learn how to navigate and use its features in various health sectors such as Records Management, Field data collection, Patient Management, Community Health Management, Health Surveillance, Disease Management, Health Financing & Logistics. With our practical real-data approach, you are sure to become an expert by the end of the class.

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