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Education Quest training Centre will assist anyone interested in data to have perfect data analysis because we are professional trainers. We clearly explain these tools and their uses, and when you need more we are happy to talk to you about them. Our passion for research drives everything we do. So, with STATA training by Education Quest, anyone with desire will be able to analyze data, manage and produce graphical visualization easily and have new and fresh insight.




Session One   Installation of software for participants
Introduction to STATA
Session TWO


Getting Started

Touring the interface

Setting options

Getting help

Reading data from a spreadsheet

Reading data from a text file

Session THREE


Exploring STATA Preparing a *.do file

Using a *.log file

Using the “help” command

Understanding different windows in STATA

User-written commands Format

Using Command



Session FOUR

Exploring Data

Other very basic introductory resources to using STATA

The if, by and in commands

Missing values

Typical STATA operator symbols and functions

String versus numeric variables

Session FIVE Data management and cleaning

Dealing with duplicate observations

Keep and drop observations

Renaming variables

Replacing values

Generating variables

Labeling values and variables


Preserve and restore

Combining datasets


Session SIX Modifying Data

Coding of variables

Recoding variables

Creating dummy variables

Recoding with Binning

Computing new variables

Weighted Cases

Session SEVEN  

Working with the data file  Selecting cases
Session EIGHT


Descriptive statistical variables

Splitting files

Working with multiple responses

Examining frequencies for categorical variables

Examining frequencies for scale variables Examining descriptive for scale variables Exploring descriptive statistics.


Session NINE


Charts for Associations

Clustered bar charts for frequencies

Simple bar charts of group means

Clustered bar charts for means

  Charts for Associations

Simple boxplots for groups

Side-by-side boxplots

Session TEN


Charts for Associations

Simple boxplots for groups

Side-by-side boxplots Scatterplots

Scatterplots by groups


Session ELEVEN     

Writing Loops



Statistics for Associations

Bivariate regression




Bivariate Regression

Sharing Results
Formatting    tables    for    presentation and publication

Exporting charts and tables

Note: The course fee does not include transportation for the participants but; tea break, lunch, bag, training materials, writing material and certificate of completion.

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