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Have you ever thought of analyzing data, or you even don’t like seeing numbers. You may think data  analysis is difficult. This course is for you.

Get up to speed in SPSS quickly and easily in this five-day course. The course guides you through the fundamentals of using SPSS for typical data analysis process. Learn the basics of read data, data definition, data modification, and data analysis and presentation of your results. See how easy it is to get your data into SPSS so that you can focus on analyzing the information.

Also the focus of this course is an introduction to the statistical component of SPSS. This is an application-oriented course and the approach is practical. You’ll take a look at several descriptive statistical techniques and discuss situations in which you would use each technique, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS as well as how to interpret the results. You will gain an understanding of when and why to use these various techniques as well as how to apply them with confidence, and interpret their output, and graphically display the results using SPSS.

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Course Outline


1.Getting Started
Touring the interface
Setting options
Getting help
Reading data from a spreadsheet
Reading data from a text file

2.Charts for One Variable
Building charts with the Chart Builder
Modifying Chart Builder graphs

3.Modifying Data
Recoding variables
Recoding by ranking cases
Recoding with Automatic Recode
Recoding with Visual Binning
Computing new variables

4.Working with the Data File
Selecting cases
Splitting files
Working with multiple responses

5.Descriptive Statistics for One Variable
Examining frequencies for categorical variables
Examining frequencies for scale variables
Examining descriptives for scale variables
Exploring descriptive statistics.

Clustered bar charts for frequencies
Simple bar charts of group means
Clustered bar charts for means
Simple boxplots for groups
Side-by-side boxplots
Scatterplots by groups

7.Sharing Results
Formatting tables for presentation and publication
Exporting charts and tables