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Microsoft Excel tool knowledge has become an integral skill for anyone working or hoping to work in a business or corporate organization should possess. Gain confidence as you step out to that workplace, conquer your fear of not being equipped enough to get or retain that job by getting the needed skill once and for all. Earn respect and job security by delivering tasks faster, more accurately and more appealing. Learn advanced Microsoft excel.

This Microsoft Excel training session is a master class training that starts from the very fundamentals of Microsoft excel involving understanding worksheets, formatting data, creating and editing spreadsheets and using formulas to more professional advanced excel skills like working with large datasets, referencing, pivot tables, data visualization, functions, auditing and automation, macros, validation, and data protection.

Our data analytics training is usually a job-based training that involves customized workplace scenarios and practical tasks as case studies. Our training package is a core tool to efficiently carry out administrative, management, financial and analytical job roles in government, NGOs and private organizations.

This professional excel class training is a completely hands-on 30 hours training session. It is designed for three stages of learners:

  1. Those who have zero skills in Microsoft excel
  2. Those who want to refresh their skill bank
  3. Those who know basic and intermediate excel and want to upgrade their skills to an advanced level.
Course Outline: Beginner to Intermediate
Getting Started
        Exploring three common uses for Excel
        Touring the interface
        Finding the commands you need
        Using Backstage view or the File tab
        Maintaining file compatibility
Worksheet Basics
        Creating a worksheet
        Techniques for copying and pasting
        Entering data automatically with Auto Fill
        Targeting large data groups
        Changing a worksheet’s structure

Excel Formula Basics

        Understanding formulas and functions
        Entering data in a worksheet
        Adding numbers manually
        Adding numbers using Sum and AutoSum
        Adding a whole worksheet
        Preventing errors using absolute references
        Using IF
        Using SUMIF and AVERAGEIF
Essential Formatting
        Formatting numbers and dates
        Applying fonts, background colors, and borders
        Adjusting columns, rows, and text
        Using conditional formatting
        Adding pictures and shapes
Advanced Formatting
       Inserting SmartArt
       Coordinating a look using themes
       Applying built-in styles
       Creating and sharing styles
       Using templates
       Creating and using original templates
Printing Preparation
       Making the pieces fit
       Inserting headers and footers
Large Excel Projects
       Finding and replacing data
       Freezing panes
       Repeating row and column titles
       Creating multiple custom worksheet views
       Hiding or grouping rows and columns
       Managing worksheets
       Calculating formulas across worksheets



Course Outline: Intermediate to Advanced
Working With Excel List
       Understanding Excel List Structure
       Sorting a List Using Single Level Sort
       Sorting a List Using Multi Level Sort
       Using Custom Sort In An Excel List
       Filter an Excel List Using The Auto Filter Tool
       Creating Subtotals In A List
       Format a List As a Table
       Using Conditional Formatting To Find Duplicates
       Removing Duplicates
Types of Referencing
       Relative Referencing
       Absolute Referencing
       Mixed Referencing
Excel List Functions
      Excel Function: DSUM ()
      Excel Function: SUMIF ()
      Excel Function: SUMIFS ()
      Excel Function: AVERAGEIF ()
      Excel Function: AVERAGEIFS ()
      Excel Function: COUNTIF()
      Excel Function: COUNTIFS()
      Excel Function: SUBTOTAL ()
      Excel Function: VLOOKUP
      Excel Function: HLOOKUP
      Excel Function: INDEX AND MATCH
Logical Functions
      IF, AND, OR
Excel Data Validation
      Understanding The Need For Data Validation
      Creating A Validation List
      Adding A Custom Validation Error
      Dynamic Formulas By Using Validation Techniques
Importing and Exporting Data
     Importing Data From Text Files
     Importing Data From Microsoft Access
     Exporting Data To A Text File
Excel Pivot Tables
     Understanding Excel Pivot Tables
     Creating An Excel Pivot Table
     Modifying Excel Pivot Table Calculations
     Grouping Pivot Table Data
     Formatting Pivot Table Data
     Drilling Down Into Pivot Table Data
     Creating Pivot Charts
     Filtering Pivot Table Data
     Filtering With The Slicer Tool
     Filtering With The Timeline Tool
Working With Excel Pivot Tools
     Why PowerPivot?
     Activating The Excel PowerPivot Addin
     Creating Data Models With PowerPivot
     Creating Pivot Tables Based on Data Models
     PowerPivot Calculated Fields
     PowerPivot KPIs
Working With Large Sets of Excel Data
      Using The Freeze Panes Tool
      Grouping Data ( Columns and/or Rows )
      Print Options For Large Sets of Data
      Linking Worksheets ( 3D Formulas )
      Consolidating Data From Multiple Worksheets
      Linking PowerPoint/Word Charts and tables to Excel for Automatic               Update
Auditing and Automation
      Working With Excel’s Conditional Functions
      Working With Excel’s Lookup Functions
      Auditing An Excel Worksheet
      Protecting Excel Worksheets and Workbooks
Mastering Excel’s WHATIF Tools

Goal Seek
Scenario Manager

      Automating Repetitive Tasks With Macros
      Understanding to Macros
      Introduction to Macros
      Recording Excel Macro