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Our  Microsoft Excel training course will teach you how to use the features of Excel from the beginners level to an Intermediate level in the current version to their full extent. Excel is truly broad but with our exercises, you will be able to know what it takes to be an Intermediate user of Microsoft Excel.

Course Outline


Getting Started
Exploring three common uses for Excel
Touring the interface
Finding the commands you need
Using Backstage view or the File tab
Maintaining file compatibility

Worksheet Basics
Creating a worksheet
Techniques for copying and pasting
Entering data automatically with Auto Fill
Targeting large data groups
Changing a worksheet’s structure
Creating a Table
Naming a Table

Excel Formula Basics
Understanding formulas and functions
Entering data in a worksheet
Adding numbers manually
Adding numbers using Sum and AutoSum
Adding a whole worksheet
Preventing errors using absolute references
Using IF

Essential Formatting
Formatting numbers and dates
Applying fonts, background colors, and borders
Adjusting columns, rows, and text
Using conditional formatting
Adding pictures and shapes

Advanced Formatting
Inserting SmartArt
Coordinating a look using themes
Applying built-in styles
Creating and sharing styles
Using templates
Creating and using original templates

Printing Preparation
Making the pieces fit
Inserting headers and footers

Large Excel Projects
Conditional Formatting
Finding and replacing data
Freezing panes
Repeating row and column titles
Creating multiple custom worksheet views
Hiding or grouping rows and columns
Managing worksheets
Calculating formulas across worksheets

Shortcut Keys