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Education Quest can be of good help to ease off the monthly, weekly or daily Health Centers statistics. Our course paths have been designed by experts to give you the very best in analyzing data and lots more. With DHIS training by Education Quest will help all Health centers analyze their statistical data quickly and easily find new insight to there data and also with an emphasis on clarity and interpretation.

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to DHIS 2 Data Models
  • DHIS 2 basic configuration concepts and design principles
  • Three Data Models: Aggregate, Event, Tracker
  • Data Entry
  • Data Visualization: Charts, Graphs, Maps and Reports
  • Dashboards
  1. Tracker Data Model
  • Data Elements and Option sets
  • Entities
  • Tracked entity attributes
  • Programs and program stages
  • Sharing and user management
  1. Data Entry
  • Dynamic data entry forms (program rules & indicators)
  • Registration and enrollment
  • Entity dashboard and settings
  • Relationship and Tracker Associate data element type
  • Tracker Capture Android App
  1. Mobile Data Capture
  • Tracker Capture App
  • Event Capture App
  1. Event Analytics
  • Indicators (Program and integrated)
  • Notification
  • Event report and visualizer
  • Integrated analytics
  • GIS