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Education Quest training Centre in Abuja, Nigeria will assist any researcher in public policy to have perfect data analysis because we are professional trainers. We clearly explain these tools and their uses, and when you need more we are happy to talk to you about them. Our passion for research drives everything we do. So, with STATA training by Education Quest in Abuja, Nigeria, every researcher will be able to analyze data, manage and produce graphical visualization easily and have new and fresh insight.

Course Outline:

Session One Introduction to STATA
Session TWO Getting Started

Touring the interface Setting options

Getting help Reading data from a spreadsheet

Reading data from a text file

Saving Stata estimation results to Excel

  Session THREE Charts for one variable

Bar graph in STATA

Box plots in STATA

Basic scatter plot in STATA

Histogram in STATA

Pie Charts in STATA

Contour plots in STATA

Session FOUR Modifying Data Variable types, formats, and labels Creating and modifying variables Recoding variables
Session SIX Descriptive statistical variables Examining frequencies for categorical variables

Examining frequencies for scale variables

Examining descriptive for scale variables

Exploring descriptive statistics.

Session SEVEN Inferential Statistics for One Variable Single proportion: Hypothesis test and confidence interval.

Single mean: Hypothesis test and confidence interval.

Session EIGHT Inferential Statistics for One Variable Single categorical variable: One-sample chi-squared test.

Charts for Associations

Clustered bar charts for frequencies

Simple bar charts of group mean

Clustered bar charts for means

Simple boxplots for groups

Side-by-side boxplots Scatterplots Time series:


Session NINE Statistics for Associations


Comparing two means: Means procedure

Comparing paired means: Paired t

Comparing two means: Independent t

Comparing two or more means: One-Way ANOVA

Session TEN Statistics for Associations

Bivariate regression

Multiple regression

Logistic regression in Stata

Survival analysis

Sharing Results Formatting tables for presentation and publication Exporting charts and tables