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Do you know that your data analytic task can be easier and faster and your presentation can be more organized, appealing and insightful? Power BI is today the world’s best Business Intelligence tool. In this class you will learn how to analyze and present data using PowerBI.

Our Power BI training is a hands-on training classes are customized to suit your work practical needs and tasks.

Gaining skills in the use of Power BI dashboards would help you achieve the following:

  • Solve the problem of having data in disparate system through collation of data from all the departments of the company and presenting them via user-friendly graphs, charts and tables.
  • Gain insights easily from your data sets and visualize them in beautiful, interactive reports while giving you the ease of accessing the data and metrics that are more important to you on your personal dashboard anytime.
  • Meet official targets faster with an automated and customized business intelligence system that can help you query your data to produce relevant specific reports.
  • Foster the pro-activeness of the management by helping you identify problems before they escalate.
  • Help your managers get insights they need from any device at any time through its cloud-based business intelligence solution.



  1. Get started with Power BI
    • Overview Power BI concepts
    • Install Power BI
  1. Get Data
    • Overview – Power BI data sources
    • Connect to a SAAS solution
    • Upload a local CSV file
    • Connect to excel data
  1. Create a report with visualization
    • Explore Power BI portal
    • Overview Visualization
    • Using Visualization
    • Create a new report
    • Create and arrange Visualization
    • Format a visualization
    • Create chart visualization
    • Use text, map and guage
    • Use a slicer to filter
    • Sort, copy and paste visualization
    • Download and use custom visual from the gallery
  1. Modify and point report
    • Add filter to a page or report
    • Rename and delete report pages
    • Set visualization interaction
    • Print a report page
    • Send a report to power point
  1. Create a dashboard
    • Create and manage dashboard
    • Pin a report file to a dashboard
    • Pin a live report page to a dashboard
    • Pin a file from another dashboard
    • Pin an excel element to a dashboard
    • Manage pinned element in Excel
    • Add a file to a dashboard
    • Build a dashboard with quick insight
    • Set a featured (default) dashboard
  1. Ask questions about your data
    • Ask a question with Power BI Q& A
    • Tweak your dataset for Q & A
  1. Sharing Data
    • Overview- Sharing reports and dashboards
    • Publish a report to the web
    • Manage published reports
    • Share a dashboard
    • Create an app workspace and add user
    • Use an app workspace
    • Publish an app
  1. Use Power BI Mobile Apps
    • Get Power BI for mobile
    • View report and dashboard in mobile device
    • Use work space in Mobile App
    • Share from Power BI Mobile.

Others Benefits:

  1. Training Materials
  2. Writing Materials
  3. Certificate of Completion
  4. T-Shirts