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At Education Quest, our SPSS Training Course teaches you how to use SPSS to analyze Statistical data. Statistical Package for Social Science(SPSS) is the leading statistical software in the industry. This training is for individuals, companies, organizations, NGOs and government parastatals. Our SPSS tutorial training is a hand on type of statistical training. Our training will cover three sections:

  • Data Preparation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics

Through this training you will be able to do the following

  • Build charts, scatterplots, and box plots
  • Calculate descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviations
  • Use inferential statistics such as t-tests and chi-squares
  • Enter and read data
  • Create new variables and crosstabulations
  • Model associations with correlations, contingency tables, and multiple-regression analysis
  • Format and export presentations to share your data.

Course Outline


1.Getting Started

  • Touring the interface
  • Setting options
  • Getting help
  • Reading data from a spreadsheet
  • Reading data from a text file

2.Charts for One Variable

  • Building charts with the Chart Builder
  • Modifying Chart Builder graphs

3.Modifying Data

  • Recoding variables
  • Recoding with Automatic Recode
  • Creating dummy variables
  • Recoding with Visual Binning
  • Computing new variables
  • File Merging

4.Working with the Data File

  • Selecting cases
  • Splitting files
  • Working with multiple responses

5.Descriptive Statistics 

  • Examining frequencies for categorical variables
  • Examining frequencies for scale variables
  • Examining descriptives for scale variables
  • Exploring descriptive statistics.

6.Inferential Statistics for One Variable

  • Single proportion: Hypothesis test and confidence interval
  • Single mean: Hypothesis test and confidence interval
  • Single categorical variable: One-sample chi-squared test.

7.Charts for Associations

  • Clustered bar charts for frequencies
  • Simple bar charts of group means
  • Histogram and Stacked Histogram
  • Clustered bar charts for means
  • Simple boxplots for groups
  • Side-by-side boxplots
  • Population Pyrmaid
  • Scatterplots
  • Time series: Time as a special variable
  • Scatterplots by groups
  • 3D scatterplots

8.Statistics for Associations

  • Correlation
  • Bivariate regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Binary Logistic Regression
  • Odd Ratios and Relative Risk
  • Two categorical variables: Crosstabulations
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Comparing paired means: Paired t
  • One Sample T test
  • Comparing two means: Independent t
  • One-Way ANOVA
  • Comparing two means: Means procedure
  • Comparing means with two categorical variables: ANOVA

9.Sharing Results

  • Formatting tables for presentation and publication
  • Exporting charts and tables