The District Health Information System (DHIS) it is an open source software platform  for reporting, analysis  and dissemination of data for all health programs, it is used in more than 60 countries around the world.
DHIS covers aggregated data(e.g routine health facility data, staffing, equipment, infrastructure, population estimates), and event data(disease outbreaks, survey/audit data, patient Satisfaction Surveys, longitudinal patient records etc). The  system supports the capture  of data linked to any level in an organizational hierarchy, any data collection frequency, a high degree of customization at both the input and output side.
DHIS comes with easy to use analytics through tailored Dashboards,charts,pivot tables and maps, and can be extended with Apps or used by third-party software through the open Web-API.
DHIS generally is used to take absolute monthly primary Health Center Data and has systematically been expanded to cover nearly all aspects of health data and information.

In regard to these, Education Quest can be of good help to ease off the monthly, weekly or daily Health Centers statistics. Our course paths have been designed by experts to give you the very best in analyzing data and lots more. With DHIS training by Education Quest will help all Health centers analyze  there statistical data quickly and easily find new insight to there data and also with an emphasis on clarity and interpretation.